Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The one where I felt like crap. In China. (Originally written 3/22/2015)

Originally written 3/22/2015**

Whew, what a week!  The past 24 hours have been our "rock bottom": 
something JP & I ate caused a 24hr stomach bug that knocked me on my rear & had JP practically single-handedly maneuvering our trip from Zhenzhou to Guangzhou.  He is a rockstar of a husband & daddy!!  
Yesterday was the boy's first flight & they did fantastic--praise the Lord!  We arrived in Guangzhou--which seems to be the most westernized place we've been yet--& spent last night sick, in a room with no AC & 1 king bed for all 5 of us.  Not fun.  & also revealed how spoiled we really are. 
We are now in a room with working AC & 2 double beds, thank you Lord! 

3/17/15 The boys legally became our sons!
Last Tuesday, the boys officially became our sons & it was a joyous moment for our family.  The following 2 days we traveled to each boy's hometowns to apply for their passports--talk about hard on the Mama/Daddy heart.  The socioeconomic difference between the urban working class & the rural townspeople is astounding.  One of our son's towns was absolutely filthy with dirt roads & trash everywhere; the other was immaculate with a University & beautiful landscaping.  We were not allowed to visit the finding place of one of our sons because it was too treacherous & 2 hours farther than the city that claimed him (where we had to apply for his passport).  Viewing our other son's finding place was heartwrenching at best. 
3/16/15 We met Fu Cheng Rui first, he even beat us there!

3/16/15 Several hours later, Wu En Jie showed up & our family was in the same room!

Passport trips were quite the adventure:

there is so much about this one that I love

No carseats in China, but we used seatbelts :)

Precious moment for me, thank you super-hubbs for documenting it!

I just lost half the email so I'm going to try again-- 
The internet is frustrating for me.  I don't have access on my phone & it is spotty at best when using my computer.  JP isn't have any trouble on the ipad or his phone though.   This is clearly one way Satan is attacking me as this has demonstrated to me how encouraged I am by being connected to other believers via social media & the internet. 

So let's try this again. 

It sucks watching the fear unfold in our boys.  One is stuffing it away & one is letting us know right now that he is not ok with what's going on.  One has been all smiles--except when he doesn't get his way--the other has wanted nothing to do with me.  He & JP have built an incredible bond that is absolutely beautiful though.  Unexpectedly on the day we met our sons, we learned that one was in foster care for 3 years--I got to meet his foster mamas & OH.THE.FEELS.  Words cannot describe, but we stood in the parking lot & sobbed at our present reality.  One of them asked me (through the interpreter) if we were Christians & she broke down uncontrollably when I said "yes, God's love is the reason we're here."  She replied, "then I won't have to worry about him & I will see you all again in heaven."  OH.THE.FEELS. 
Thank you Lord for Your gospel that makes this true. 
Jayson is stressed & anxious, but has been a real trooper & is the most amazing big brother.  The son that wants little to do with me has begun connecting with him, wanting to hold his hand when we go places.  Warms my heart so much!  Jayson also came up with "brother bath" which is probably my favorite time of day: they're all smiling & giggling & it's fantastic.

Here's the brief skinny of a few God-nods this week (these are the moments we know the Lord is here watching us): 
-We were at one of the boy's hometowns applying for passports when a woman came up to our guide & asked if she could take a picture of our group (ourselves & one other family).  This is not unusual since Caucasian parents with Asian children stick out around here.  We've gotten this request several times but this one was different: she asked to take a picture & shared with us how touched she was by our families adopting & caring for children "no one else wanted."  
She took the picture & walked away.  A few minutes later she came back & told our guide that the woman that was with her (who was crying) wanted us to know that she will be praying for our families & our boys everyday because she is so touched by our stories.  Oh.the.feels. 
-3 women approached me in the airport yesterday--while JP was checking our luggage & our children were running around--& asked if we were Christians.  That greeting caught me off guard, but I responded, "yes, we are" without thinking--then I thought 'oh crap, I'm going to end up in jail in China, sick as a dog; please Lord, no!'  She proceeded to ask about our group & the agency we work with--I answered in very brief sentences because I didn't want to get anyone in trouble.  She seemed quite alright with our interaction.  One of the younger women chimed in & said "we are Christians & we want to help our China orphans, do you know if your agency takes volunteers or needs paid employees?"  
Between the illness & conversation, I truly almost vomited on the spot.  I shared with them the contact info for our agency & told them I would be praying for them.  The Lord is raising up people in China that want to care for the fatherless & I hope & pray those women get the chance to do so. 

This week we take the boys for medical checks & visa application.  This week entails MUCH less driving & much more having fun!  We found a small outdoor playground & pool here at the hotel.  This place is a 5 star Fort Knox for families adopting--most everything we need is here including Starbucks! 
The boys are absolutely precious & we keep looking at each other asking ourselves how we got so lucky & how we're going to survive this all at once.  Seems like the right mix of emotions to be having right now.
I'm not sure how much more updating we'll get to do, but I will try. 
 Thank you so much for all your prayers & please keep them coming!!

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