Sunday, July 20, 2014

The one with all the Chosen Charlotte, EqualsZero--Team Patterson info

The best part of "the wait"--see previous post here--is that God is using this time to constantly humble us, encourage us, & challenge us!

We are humbled beyond words to have the loving support of our family, friends, & church community: individuals & couples have opened their homes & their hearts to love on us during this journey.  Families continue to earnestly pray for our little ones & our paperwork chase.  People who support us with their finances.  Those who offer us encouragement through prayer, kinds words, & extra tissues when the tears catch me off guard, in public. 

And we are reminded that our Heavenly Father loves us dearly & cares about every detail of this story.

Today our Pastor shared with our church family a little about our journey & the Chosen Charlotte Race that we will be participating in to raise money to help bring our little guys home. The Chosen Marathon is a race where all proceeds benefit adoptive families or adoption ministries.  Partnering with one of our favorite ministries, the Abba Fund, the race is expanding this year & Charlotte is one of the new locations.  Here in Charlotte, the Chosen family is partnering with Hendrick Motor Sports to commemorate the 10 lives lost in the tragic Hendrick Motor Sports plane crash in 2004, while honoring their enduring legacy through the gift of adoption. We are very excited to be building EqualsZero--Team Patterson with family & friends willing to run, walk, or volunteer to support the story God is writing in our lives.

So here are the nitty gritty details of the options you have to be a part of EqualsZero--Team Patterson:

*The 10 MILE race will be Saturday, October 18, 2014 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway beginning at 8am.  Click here for more details & to register.

*To Run/walk the race with us: Click here & click the "Register Online" option.  Click the box beside "10 Miler" to register to run/walk the race.  After completing demographic info, select "EqualsZero--Team Patterson" under the "Team (optional)" drop down box.  You should see this option prior to paying the registration fee.  Registration is currently $55.

*To Volunteer & still be on our team: This is a 2-step process.  Step #1: click here & click the "Register Online" option.  Click the box labeled "sleepwalker" to register.  After completing demographic info, select "EqualsZero--Team Patterson" under the "Team (optional)" drop down box.  You should see this option prior to paying the registration fee.  Registration is $60.  Step #2: return here & click the "Volunteer" option.  This will direct you to a page where you can choose which area you would like to volunteer in.  Simply register for the area you feel led to serve.

*To Volunteer without paying a dime:  we live on a tight budget & understand that there may be a desire to serve, but no additional funds to register for a particular team; no worries!  Simply follow Step #2 above to register to volunteer without paying a dime. Your presence is welcome & you will still be very much appreciated!

*The Sleepwalker option is also available for out of town family & friends & those who cannot make it to the race in person!

This is a family event & we would like to encourage families, friends, & friends like families to team up to run, walk, or serve together! 

And please, do not feel obligated to financially or physically participate in any of this!  What we desire most is for you to gain knowledge about what God is doing in our world & in our community to bring His healing & restoration to orphaned children & their families.  This is just one of the ways He is showing our world how much He cares for us.  Ignorance & apathy are two of Satan's best tools in our comfortable American society; we invite you to join the fight & journey with us!

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